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Corporate Services 

Let us transform the way your managers and employers operate in your corporate culture. 

Corporate Services



Corporate Training

Keynote Speaking

The approach is simple but creates transformative results and long-lasting change. Here's How...
Step 1: Identify Corporate Culture Gaps

We start by conducting an extensive assessment of current processes, successes, and areas of improvement. Additionally, we facilitate surveys and interviews to discover how managers and employees feel about their work environment. Our team is committed to understanding how your corporate culture operates so that we can create the best custom strategy to fit your needs. 

Step 2: Develop A Plan of Action

Once we understand your company’s processes, we design a custom curriculum to align with your goals and address the identified gaps. Our curriculum is based on our PRO framework (for employees) and ENGAGE framework (for managers). Our solution typically includes multiple workshops, training, and material development to foster results-oriented solutions.

Step 3: Implementation & Accountability

Our clients often need support after the initial program conclusion. We provide licensing opportunities and office hours to enhance learning and increase implementation success.

Curriculum Overview

Unlocking Your Inner Pro

For Employees

In Unlocking Your Inner PRO, we teach our PRO (Productivity, Results-Oriented, Organization) methodology to enhance the critical skills of employees and transform your corporate environment.  By the end of this training, your participants will know how to:


  • Enhance their efficiency resulting in a higher quality of work that optimizes your company's bottom line.

  • Design metrics to yield results that meets your company's goals.

  • Utilize organizational processes and systems to create a streamlined approach to tasks.



It is time to transform your company culture by equipping your employees with a clear, strategic plan to amplify their strengths, increase job satisfaction, and retention.

Confessions of a Terrible Employee

For Managers

Confessions of A Terrible Employee is designed to provide managers insight into the employee perspective. When working with our clients, we often notice a disconnect between manager and employee expectations. Using our ENGAGE method, we bridge that gap by building a build a win-win partnership. Aligning with your company's corporate goals, we work with your managers to:


  • Help build a positive company culture that fosters loyalty, inclusivity, and work-life balance.

  • Enhance communications between managers and employees to ensure operations and tasks run smoothly.

  • ENGAGE employees to increase their motivation and  corporate buy-in resulting in employees feeling connected to your company values.



Let us work together to give your company a competitive advantage. By facilitating a strong company culture, we will boost collaborative efforts, improves manager-employee connections, and retain a highly talented pool of employees.

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